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About Azazy Company

Azazy International Company, which is one of the first pioneering companies in Egypt in the field of entertaining games and woodenworks since 1946, is honored to introduce a brief on its most important, different and various fields of interest.

                   We hope to gain your trust and interest. interest.


Billiards :in different kinds pool, snooker and French according to the international standards

Video Games :machines and kiddy rides in different kinds and sizes

Garden Equipments: umbrellas, swings, slides, chairs, and tables

Wooden Works : play houses, big chess, croquet, mini golf and mini bowling

Entertainment Games: air hockey, baby foot, electronic darts and table tennis

Sport Playgrounds: pentagonal, basketball, water ball, volleyball and speed ball

Playground Equipment : croquet, golf and tennis

Park Games : kiddy rides , carousel, and inflatable in different kinds and sizes


                     We are not just suppliers .. but …your success partners


Azazy International

Ayman Azazy

.:: AzazY InternationaL ::.
  Why Azazy Company ??



International Company Azazy of the largest companies in the Arab world in gaming entertainment from 1948 until 2010 and the company has the following Azazy International, including ..

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  Title  6 Abou Ellathameen St Mohandseen
  Tel  +02 233467432  
  Fax  +02 233453306
  Mobile  +02 0123374204
  E-Mail  info@azazy-international.com

.:: AzazY InternationaL ::.

Video Game


Flibber .


Crane Machine .


Arcde Games .

Park Games

         Major Rides .
         Family Rides .
         Kiddy Ride.
         Used Rides.


Leisure Games

         Baby Foot .
         Air Hockey .
         Tennis Table .
         Darts .
         Mini Golf .
         Sports .

Outdoor Eq


Playground House .


Swings .


Seesaw .


Kiddy Ride .

         Big Chess .
         Kids Club .
         Accessories .



Snooker Tables .


Pool Tables .


Handmade Table .


Dining Table .

         French Table .
         Russian Table .
         Bridge Table .
         Accessories Tables .
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