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Azazy International Company

Azazy International Company, which is one of the first pioneering companies in Egypt in the field of entertaining games and wooden works since 1946, is honored to introduce a brief on its most important, different and various fields of interest.

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Azazy Services And Solutions

Azazy International company helps to satisfies the customer's needs by our phones and mail for 24 hours . and you can inform us about what you need by clicking on contact us link .

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Lily Park

Lily Park is one of Azazy's International projects , and it has two branches , Rehab branch and the other is in Al Amir mall in Shoubra .

What is great about Lily Park , is that it has games for all ages , and it has safe methods to guarantee the visitors safety .

As it has as well large green areas .

The park has a lot of games as :

* Bumper cars * Magic House * Train * Trampoline * inflatable games * wheel * ect ...

As it also provides 5D cinema and it is a huge hall , well prepared to live with the movies and it is instructed with greatest technology that you watch the movies as if you are in the movie itself .

and you can watch science movies and entertainment movies .

There are also show offers like :

The magician - DJ - The clown .

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Azazy Products

And as we care to provide the good and the best , Azazy International offers group of different products that satisfies the customer's needs :

1) Billiard

2) Video Games

3) Garden Equipment

4) Wooden Works

5) Entertainment Games

6) Sport Playground

7) Playground Equipment

8) Park Games

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Azazy Offers

Azazy International glade to inform you that it provides special offers on the new year occasion . and the offers include new products with discounted prices .

for more information please go to new offers link or click read more .

Happy new Year !!

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.:: AzazY InternationaL ::.

.:: AzazY InternationaL ::.

Video Game


Flibber .


Crane Machine .


Arcde Games .

Park Games

         Major Rides .
         Family Rides .
         Kiddy Ride.
         Used Rides.


Leisure Games

         Baby Foot .
         Air Hockey .
         Tennis Table .
         Darts .
         Mini Golf .
         Sports .

Outdoor Eq


Playground House .


Swings .


Seesaw .


Kiddy Ride .

         Big Chess .
         Kids Club .
         Accessories .



Snooker Tables .


Pool Tables .


Handmade Table .


Dining Table .

         French Table .
         Russian Table .
         Bridge Table .
         Accessories Tables .
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